The difference between
a dream and a goal : THE DATE!

Family Coaching

The family, it is our root of life. Our relatives(parents), those who offered us the most beautiful present, the LIFE! Our children, those who by love for us try to resolve problems bigger than them by adopting very often, a behavior which we consider problematic. To find the balance in his(her) family allows to find ITS balance!

Coaching station wagon:

The coaching station wagon aims at lighting(enlightening) you on the problems of the everyday life(daily paper). Your child makes crises, he has some difficulty at the school, argues between brother and sister, wee-wee in the bed, the fear of everything, immense need of attention, etc. … You have the impression(printing) of credit note to try everything to try the other thing(matter)! The children are intelligent, sensory, intuitive, they are the best teachers who are. To take time to look and to listen to, attentively are a child it often is to allow to learn(teach) on us even! Find the balance within its family life. To find the balance within its family life, it is inevitably to find the own balance. By love for your family, allow he to bloom!

Family constellation :

the family, wonderful or not, it is our family, like it or not. She(it) is a member(part) of us, as a member(limb) of our body, as a continuation of us even. Sometimes in our advantage, sometimes less. The systematism of our family, (relative(parent), grandparents, ancestors) has a big influence on our way of being and to act. The wounds which we transport with us are sometimes limitantes and painful. You do not manage to explain a behavior, a way of being, the same pattern repeats regularly, you have incomprehensible fears, your relations lover are often a failure(defeat) is this good(property) to you? Offer you the present to live slightly and freely! 

The children rarely dare to live a life happier and more prosperous than that of their relatives(parents). Unconsciously, them Unconsciously, they remain faithful to the tacit family traditions, which exercise an invisible influence on their life. The Family Constellations contribute to bring to light the links and the underlying family strengths which are unconsciously passed on from a generation to the other one. - Berthold Ulsamer